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Travel Lover Gifts

This list of travel lover gifts has options for that wanderlust person in your life. Whether they visit somewhere new every weekend or plan the big trip every few years, you will find something here. Travel is something everyone should try at least once in their life. This list may even inspire travel lover friends and family to join! Here is a list of travel lover gifts:

Gift Ideas for the One Who Is Always Planning Their Next Vacation

For the jet setter in your life, a Priority Pass membership will make them very happy. This gives members access to lounges around the world. Most lounges of this sort have complimentary food, drinks, Wi-Fi access and quiet included (some even have sleeping rooms). And all of this is amazing when flying, especially when your flight is delayed or you have a longer layover. Lounges in the states include Las Vegas, NY, LA, Houston and more. Gift a Priority Pass today to keep your jet setter smiling from start to finish.

Your travel lover may already have free Priority Pass membership with select credit cards, so inquire about their plastic first.

When your travel lover is not based in a major city, lounges may not be available. Instead, look at which major airline flies in and out of their neighboring airport. Inquire about the next destination they want to visit. Research the flight route to see which airlines have lounges along the way to/from the destination. Consider annual passes or purchase a day pass. Bear in mind: Day passes are typically only allowed in person if space is available. So keep the gift to yourself until you can confirm entry.

When You Are Unsure What Your Travel Lover Is Up To

Consider gifting annual memberships to communities all about travel. Gift memberships to groups such as ExpertFlyer, which will allow your travel lover to receive fare deals and alerts straight to their email. This is also great because it can save you money! You can ask for a “price adjustment” when you see a fare that has lowered in price since booking a flight.

Another membership that is perfect for the travel lover in your life is membership to the Wanderful community. This international community of women who love to travel allows members to meet up with other women on their next adventure. From monthly chats to solid travel tips and advice, Wanderful will allow your travel lover to connect with other women travelers.

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Gifts For the Arts & Culture Lover

Travel Gifts for the one who is also into arts & culture are easier than one may think. Start by pleasing their mind with the ultimate book from Anu Taranath: Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World.

This is a must-read for anyone who plans to travel, especially Westerners. This book will have your travel lover unpack their Western baggage and start to understand their identity through questions about ethics and the politics of our travels.

This book will help your travel lover navigate the uncomfortable parts of travel through accountability and connection.

For the travel lover who wants to immerse their experience while on their travels, consider gifting a subscription to language learning programs such as LingQ. Founded by renowned polyglot Steve Kaufman, LingQ is an affordable option for those who want to become fluent in another language. Bay Rosemary founder Laurel used this program personally to learn Korean while better understanding her favorite K-dramas before traveling to Seol.

The artsy travel lover will love prints around their favorite location, like these custom map prints from PaperEmporiumCo or these humorous Subpar Parks prints from AlbionMercantileCo. Order a print of your travel lover’s home base, first city abroad, or fell-in-love-didn’t-come-home location.

If they love to paint, order a custom paint by numbers kit, where you can send in your own photo for a truly custom paint by numbers gift!

For the Travel Lover Who Stays Connected

Staying connected, whether it is on Instagram, at work, or chatting with family, is the top priority for this traveler.

Consider gifting power banks such as the Champ 20K Portable Charger from Nimble, which come in extremely handy for charging your phone after all-day tours around the city.

Nimble offers portable chargers for travelers who want to support manufacturers who use recycled plastic and are also Climate Neutral Certified.

Another way to keep your traveler connected on their travels is through portable Wi-Fi or sim cards. Once your traveler leaves their home country, wi-fi access may become limited or unnecessarily expensive on their travels. One of the ways around this additional expense is to purchase international sim cards, which are easy to swap out with phones that use sim cards or portable hotspots. Portable hotspots are great for iPhone users who may not have the skills available to open their phones and update sim cards.

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This list of travel lover gifts has options for that special person in your life. Whether they fly, drive, or dream, these gift ideas will be cherished. If your person is new to traveling, check out this list of essentials for traveling.

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