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The Salt Lake City Ski Resorts You Need to Know

As you may already know, Salt Lake City ski resorts are plenty. Within 45 min of downtown Salt Lake City, you have access to 7 different resorts. Choose your resort based on the type of vacation you are looking for. The larger resorts will have all the amenities, while the smaller areas will have fewer crowds.

Any ski area you choose to visit will have Utah’s famous snow. Just know that the cottonwood canyons have the most snow, and Utah snow will allow you to float. Here is a list of ski resorts close to Salt Lake City:

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Brighton Ski Resort

This is the ski area where many Utahns learned to ski. Brighton still has the laid-back local vibe, offering deals for kids under 10 and night skiing. This resort is best if your group has variable levels, loves to ski/board, or likes Terrain Parks, as they have four parks with lines that change throughout the season. Snow is good in the Cottonwoods.

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Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude is like the middle child, forgotten and involved in all the same activities as their siblings. Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, this resort typically has fewer crowds and as a result, is super quiet. Like the actual definition of solitude. Plan a day here for a break from the city and fewer crowds.

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Snowbird always has the most snow. As a result, this resort usually has the longest season in Utah. The large snowfall sometimes keeps people there overnight, allowing truly epic powder days. Public transport is best for this popular destination, as parking is full most of the time, or you can always stay at the resort. Stay away if you are a newbie, as Little Cottonwood is known for steeps. If you cannot traverse, reverse your butt out of Little Cottonwood.

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Alta Ski Area – Ski Only (No Snowboarding)

Similarly, Alta Ski Area is another steep resort in Little Cottonwood. Unlike the popular kid Snowbird, Alta is more like the old school janitor, stuck in traditional ways but knows how to have a good time. The alta-holics really dislike snowboarders, which is a shame, but choosing two planks for the day is a great way to access their terrain. This is the mountain for die-hard skiers.

Deer Valley Resort – Ski Only (No Snowboarding)

Continuing the dark-side-hating-train, we come to the school headmaster: Deer Valley. Deer Valley Resort is another skiing-only resort, offering the best corduroy dreams are made of. This resort limits their amount of lift tickets sold, so plan and purchase in advance. Corduroy is the main reason to ski here. Read my full Deer Valley review for more information.

Park City Mountain Resort

The Disney World of ski resorts, Park City Mountain Resort is the largest ski resort in the U.S. This is the best resort for family vacations, as PCMR has all the things you could possibly need. In true theme park fashion, the lines can get long. You can start at the Park City or Canyons side, just know that one is true to the name, so you better know how to turn. Read my full Park City Mountain Resort review for more information.

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Skiing in Utah Resorts

This list just touched the options for Salt Lake City ski resorts. There are even more options north and south of the city! Even the bad snow days are better than many other parts of the world, so know that you can plan your ski vacation to Utah in peace. P.S. The cottonwoods always deliver.

I hope this was helpful for your next winter vacation to Salt Lake City! Check out my printable packing checklist for skiing vacations.

I would love to hear from you in the comments – Do you already have your winter vacation planned? Which resort are you going to try first?

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  • Megan

    I never lived in Utah, but any school break we had growing up, we would fly out to ski! I’ve been to all these resorts and loved Solitude and Alta! It’s so surprising to me that Alta still doesn’t allow snowboarders after all this time (or Deer Valley).

    • Laurel | BayRosemary

      Agreed, but there are so many resorts out here so snowboarders can still have fun…Idk if they will ever open to snowboarding. But Solitude is one of my favorite resorts in UT!

  • Krista

    It’s good to know that there’s a resort only for people who are skiing. I usually get run over by the snowboarders!

  • Taylor

    I definitely want to go skiing in the Salt Lake area. Park City and Deer Valley looks epic! Great suggestions. 🙂

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