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Gifts for the Adventurous Woman from Simple to Splurge

Find the perfect gifts for the adventurous woman in your life! Here you will find a list of ideas from small to large, whether she feels like sitting by the beach or hitting the slopes. Life is all about cycles and this gift guide is ready for all ends of the spectrum. Find the best gifts for the adventurous woman here from simple to splurge:

Show That You Support their Dreams

Choose a gift for the adventurous woman who is always supporting their dreams. Every day is a new opportunity to make your dreams a reality. This charm from Etsy reminds then to believe in themselves, especially on days that are not so great. Let them know you support their dreams to live the life they have dreamed of with a gentle wrist-reminder.

Gift a Coloring Book to Use Inbetwen Adventures

The downtime between hiking a mountain or flying to the next adventure may be spent planning the next trip. But we all need a break to color sometimes in order to relax and recharge after a busy week. Consider purchasing this crazy cat coloring book. It is filled with loveable cat scenes that will have your adventurous woman smiling.

Not into cats or have someone in your life who loves to doodle? Grab this $20 engraved drawing pad/notebook for them instead. Engraved with their name and “Bucket List” it will be a great gift for someone who loves adventure.

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The Ultimate Adventure Beanie Gift

Adventure and mountains go hand in hand with stories of sasquatch. Anyone who has spent time outdoors ultimately hears about our hairy homie, whatever you call ’em. Whether they’re getting hands stuck in peanut butter jars, stealing donuts, following us, or a figment of our imagination, we can all agree that this sasquatch beanie from ElloThere is pretty sweet.

Shop for more items at ElloThere’s Etsy shop, where you will find outdoor posters, patches, and stickers. Plus, they donate a portion of their sales to the Forest Service!

An Inspriring Print of an Adenturous Woman

Stories about adventurous women in real life should include Lhakpa Sherpa. A mountaineer who climbed Mount Everest 9 times, and plans to do more, Sherpa is a strong woman who should be on every adventurous woman’s radar. Purchase this print from Meenal Patel to adorn your adventure lover’s wall.

In addition to prints, you can also purchase Patel’s children’s picture book, Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala. It is the perfect gift to share the heritage of India with others. All women who have traveled to India will be transported to their memories when reading the descriptions of India in this book.

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Personalized Cutting Board for Snack Nights

Some adventures are meant to be done with friends. Enjoy the next snack night at home with friends or your furbaby and a good movie. While you are at it, upgrade your Lunchable snacks from plastic to wood with this adventure cutting board.

This personalized laser engraved cutting board is a great gift for your adventure lover. Engrave the board with your name, favorite word (Ohana, Home, etc), or quote. Each board is offered in a different wood type or size, making it customizable for each lifestyle. No wedding needed.

Mountain Adventure Mug

Whether you enjoy coffee, tea or hot chocolate, an adventure mug from Bread and Badger will be there from sun to moonlight. Mugs are the bread and butter of morning and evenings, and these are made to last. Shop for mountains, space cats, insects or constellation designs on your next mug.

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Hand Blown Glass Jars or Vase

Display your favorite items with this purple jar that is hand-blown in NC. Finding quality items to display at home has always been trending and these items will allow you to support an artist while showing your personal style.

Not sure what to put in those jars? Consider a vase instead. Displaying flowers at home when you’re not out on travels can add a nice with this handmade glass vase.

Stained Glass Window Hangings

Gift your adventure lover a stained glass window hanging to catch sunlight inside their home. These pieces can bring a smile while washing dishes, reading a book, or simply looking out the window. Glasline offers various designs in their stained glass hangings, including mountains, flowers, and mobiles on their Etsy shop.

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Gift a Ring That Will Share Their Love for Adventure

Birds can fly to any location, symbolizing the freedom adventurous women crave in life. Known as a symbol of happiness and good luck in Korea, magpies are a great choice for a silver ring to gift.

Browse Michal Tatom’s Etsy shop for beautiful sculptures, rings, and other items made from silver, bronze or gold. Known as a master goldsmith, Tatom’s handmade items are the perfect way to make your adventurous woman smile.

Personalized Keepsake Box to Store Adventure Memories

Gift a personalized wooden box so your adventure lover has a timeless way to display their memories. Choose their initials, a special date, or location to engrave. These boxes are a great way to store old tickets, photos and memories in a special way.

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