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5 Things to Do on the Las Vegas Strip for an Excellent Day

If you are one of those people who is actually awake during the day, you need some things to do in Las Vegas. Well, you are in luck because you never have to leave the strip (you totally can tho!). Make Las Vegas the vacation of your choice, from a lazy day at the pool, to visiting museums, or even staying up all night.

There’s More to the Heart of Outrageousness Than Gambling and Drinking When the Pools Are Closed 

 While the rest of the strip is catching up on beauty rest, you can explore without as many people around. Some may refer to this as, “the early bird gets the worm.” While visiting Las Vegas, you will have to schedule a show of your choice, wear good shoes, and enjoy some fantastic meals –all without stepping off the strip. Here’s my list of 5 things to do on the Las Vegas strip for an excellent day. 

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Book Your Evening Entertainment so You Can Plan Things to Do During the Day

First, a trip to Las Vegas, the city of entertainment, isn’t complete without seeing a show. Book this in advance, as knowing where your show is on the strip will help you plan an epic day. It will also help you choose a hotel that is a bit closer. There are many entertainment options, from regular headliners, psychic shows, magic shows, and the infamous Cirque du Soleil. With so many options for everyone, you will find something great.

Now, many artists perform at The Colosseum, which is inside Caesars Palace Las Vegas, in the evening. Like most shows, you must arrive early to find your seat on time. They do not lie about the whole, “show starts promptly at 8” thing. If you are late, you will have to find your way in the dark with your usher’s help.

Get to the door early for your show, as it may take over a half hour to get in the door. Set phone alarms and get there early. In any case, choose an entertainer you love, Mariah Carey, Cirque de Solis, Absinthe, etc. The shows in Las Vegas are totally worth the trip. Plus, you will have a great night! And it gives you an excuse to dress up during a fantastic vacation in Las Vegas.

Start Your Day Right With an Amazing Breakfast at the Venetian

Instead of going completely off the wagon while on vacation, or packing your suitcase full of food you can eat, you can eat at the strip’s first plant-based restaurant: Truth & Tonic, inside The Venetian Resort. Yes, you read that right, healthy, plant-based food on the strip!

Instead of searching the internet for a place to get food near the strip that isn’t deep-fried or doused in high fructose corn syrup, you can head over to the Venetian. Truth & Tonic opened in 2020, becoming the first and only place you can satisfy your plant-based needs in peace (it’s also right next to the spa so the environment is super chill).

While at the Venetian’s Trush & Tonic, try a frittata, which takes a little bit longer to make but tastes so good. Made with just-egg, this breakfast will have everyone else at your table asking if you are absolutely sure that your meal doesn’t have any eggs. So good.

Conquer your airplane congestion (or hangover, no judgment) with one of their juices and you’ll be all set for a day walking around the strip.

Visit the Multiple Displays on the Strip to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Las Vegas

Now, while you may see entertainers painted gold while visiting the strip, the best part is inside all the buildings. During the Lunar New Year, displays are created throughout all the hotels and shopping centers. While many people may joke about how much Chinese people love money and celebrating the new year, Las Vegas has seemed to embrace the season wholeheartedly. 

You need to make time to visit the conservatory at the Bellagio at least once in your life. The displays at the Bellagio change throughout the year, so check their website to make sure it’s actually open. Visiting during the Lunar New Year always guarantees beautiful displays at the Bellagio and along the strip!

 Additional locations with beautiful Lunar New Year displays included the Venetian and Crystals Shopping Center. Caesars Palace had a lot of red lanterns and happy new year wishes throughout the building. Brave the cold and head out to Las Vegas during this time to enjoy some beautiful works. If the sun is shining, you will be warm in no time.

 If you visit the strip at another time, there are many works of art to see as well. Stop at the Bellagio to see Chihuly’s “Fiori di Como,” a fantastic glass sculpture that hangs from the ceiling, and browse the artwork in the Bellagio’s art museum. And if you want some more prosperity, visit the Brahma Shrine outside Caesars Palace. 

Wear Day Shoes That Are Worn in or Be Prepared to Go Home With Foot Blisters 

Now, unless you’ve explored Las Vegas before, you should know that good shoes are a must. It is not that you can’t wear heels (by all means, dress up!). But unless you plan on hiring a taxi, you will easily hit 10,000 steps while walking the strip in Vegas.

Plan on wearing shoes you’ve already broken in, or pack some flats in your purse for the walk back home. The last thing you want is achy, blistered feet for your walk to check out, to the taxi, through security, and to your boarding gate. Trust me.

 That being said, you can either pack band-aids or buy some from a hotel (most carry a few choices and even have slip-on shoes in vending machines). If you choose to wear shoes that are cute but not made for walking 8 miles, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Pack bandaids.

That being said, the Las Vegas strip is very pedestrian-friendly. Some bridges allow you to cross streets, plenty of escalators or elevators, and intuitive walking paths. You’ll even head back home with several new playing cards.

Relax With a Fantastic Day View of the Las Vegas Strip While Enjoying Tea and Amazing Treats

Now, you may not think of this as “Vegas,” but tea time is one of the best traditions out there. Why? Because it allows you to take a break from the day, and relax with some snacks and tea before the rest of the evening. The best place to enjoy tea time on the strip will be at the Waldorf Astoria.

Your best bet will be to make a reservation in advance, especially if need to order a gluten-free plate. Once reserved, you can count on a relaxing afternoon with a beautiful view of the strip.

The tea-time sandwiches are fantastic (vegan options available in advance), plus scones and amazing desserts. This is the perfect way to end a day out on the Las Vegas strip before your evening entertainment begins.

Now that you have a better idea of what to do on the Las Vegas strip instead of sleeping, you are sure to have an excellent day out. You don’t have to let it all go to enjoy time in Las Vegas. But make sure to book your entertainment, pack good shoes, visit all the art displays and enjoy some good food. 

Taking time to experience Las Vegas is a must. You will enjoy the sun, the daytime and see the city from another perspective. There are even more options for those of you who like art, as Las Vegas had tons of options on and off the strip.

Is there something you did on the Las Vegas strip that you think others would enjoy during the day? What did you do? Let me know in the comments below. 

The Basics – Las Vegas

Best Time to Visit:

Your choice! Lunar New Year will have all the fantastic displays.

How to Get There:

Fly into LAS

Take Bell Transport to the strip (round-trip fares available, private or group). You can get a ticket just outside baggage claim. Hire a limo in advance if you are with a group!

Getting Around:

Walk, you don’t need a car if you are staying on the strip

Public Transport – Use the Las Vegas Monorail






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What to Eat:

Truth & Tonic at the Venetian for a delicious plant-based meal
The epic Las Vegas buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

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