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5 Things to Do in Salt Lake City if You Do Not Hike or Ski

If you have found yourself in Salt Lake City for a work trip and you don’t hike or ski, here are 5 things you can do here. Any local will tell you why they live here: winter. But most of them stay for the summer. Even though Salt Lake City is the heart of snow, outdoors and that one religion, there are so many things to do here if you’re just not that into sports. Here are 5 things to do in Salt Lake City:

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1. Start With Coffee at Tinkers Cat Café

Grab a cup of Joe (or hot chocolate) at this unique location in Salt Lake City, where they have cats available for adoption. This café has a separate room just for our feline friends, so you can visit with your future family member while enjoying a snack. This locally owned business worked with the health department to find a way to share their love of cats and coffee with you. I for one love stopping by here for hot chocolate and a session with kitties.

Reserve your cat time in advance on their website, sometimes they will be sold out as they only allow a limited number of humans in the cat room at a time. While waiting for your time slot, order a snack, and purchase some local cat-themed art while you support this local business. Even though many people think their cats secretly want to murder them, we all love their cute faces and desire to hunt lasers. Stop by Tinkers Cat Café and get your cat fix, you might go home with a new best friend! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And if you really love what they are doing, send in a donation.

2. Stroll Through the International Peace Gardens

After you’ve ordered a hot beverage to start your day, head over to the International Peace Gardens on the western side of Salt Lake City. Summer is the best time to enjoy these gardens, where you will see each section dedicated to a country. Most of these gardens were supported by local groups in Utah, so you’ll see sections dedicated to Tongans, Vietnamese, Welsh, and many other heritage groups thanks to the local community.

Snap a photo in front of the garden you enjoy the most, and let me know if you found a Little Mermaidl! You may not have to travel far to see so much of the world in one spot. Stop by on a weekend and you might just run into a cultural festival!

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3. Experience Different Worlds at Dreamscapes

For those of you who want to visit something truly unique while supporting local, you must stop at Dreamscapes in Salt Lake City. This is Utah’s first environmentally sustainable immersive art exhibit. Tickets are available in different time slots, so plan in advance by booking your time slot online. You will walk through different worlds, all created by local artists.

This is a great activity for the entire family to enjoy, so add this to your list of things to do when the parents come to visit. After exploring the exhibit at Dreamscapes, walk next door to the local art gallery where you can get a new piece for your gallery wall or drop some major hints to the parents.

4. Eat Fry Sauce

First-time visitors to Utah will ultimately see fry sauce on a menu and wonder what it means. Have no fear friends, this is a variation of ketchup and mayo that Utahns love to eat with fries, sandwiches, or sometimes alone (weird, I know). Talk to a local and they will all give you a different recipe that’s the “real” sauce.

Your best bet is to stop at a local 50s relic like Arctic Circle for “real” fry sauce, but other local burger shops like Crown Burger, Hires Big H, or Stonecutter will have options for you. And for my vegans out there, you must stop at Vertical Diner for their fries and vertical sauce (vegan fry sauce). Sorry Arctic Circle, but Vertical has my favorite version of fry sauce and fries. Fry sauce is something you just eat after living in Utah for a while, so try it now so you can explain this sauce to all your friends back home.

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5. Continue the Nostalgia by Watching a Drive-in Movie

Continue the 50s nostalgia after stopping at the burger relics and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own vehicle. Redwood Drive-In Theatre is still offering movies outside, which is perfect for large groups or families. They offer typical movie fare on-site, but you are welcome to bring your own food.

Stop at Arctic Circle for some burgers before driving to this movie theatre for a full throwback experience! Yes, technically this drive-in theatre is in West Valley, but city limits are at the Jordan River so it’s not that far. This is a great activity to switch up your weekend and remember your FM radio so you can hear the movie from your vehicle (we brought a speaker and sat in the bed of a truck).

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Let me know what you did in Salt Lake City in the comments below.

This list should help you figure out what to do while visiting the 801 without renting sports gear or persuading friends to exercise. There are even more things to do in this city, so the possibilities are endless.

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