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5 Reasons to Always Have Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling internationally or to the state next door, travel insurance is a must. You might see the “add insurance” option at the bottom of your plane ticket purchase. Whether you purchased this with intention or casually ignored it, travel insurance comes in handy. If you are halfway across the world, insurance is a must-have in case you need to come back home at a moment’s notice. It is also good to have for domestic travel in case of emergencies. Here are 5 reasons to always have travel insurance.

Replace Lost Luggage When You Travel

Finally, you should consider the possibility of your luggage never arriving at your destination (or back home). While this is less likely with carry-on luggage, checked bags might be delayed by days or even weeks. Travel insurance that covers lost luggage will help you pay for a new set of items. As someone who has experienced delayed luggage, I now keep some basics in my carry-on just in case. However, if my bag never arrived, it would have been nice to have help replacing my lost items.

Changes in Local Ordinances Could Prevent Your Entry

Next, you may want to purchase travel insurance to cover any changes in local ordinances that affect tourists. The most common example is political unrest, but changes due to global pandemics are also a possibility. Be aware, if you choose to visit a country that your home country has issued a travel risk, insurance companies may not cover your trip. For U.S. citizens, you can check the U.S. Department of State for Travel Advisories and use your best judgment when planning a trip. During the 2020 pandemic, travelers might have arrived in a country halfway across the world, only to have to go home after a couple of days. These unplanned experiences may never happen to you, but it is better to be prepared. Some plans offer concierge services to help you make changes while traveling.

Natural disasters might be covered with some travel insurance

Have Insurance to Help You if There Is a Natural Disaster

One of the most obvious reasons to purchase travel insurance is in case of natural disasters. We cannot control the weather, earthquakes, wildfires, or other natural disasters. If you want to visit the Caribbean, travel insurance that includes cancellation due to a hurricane is a must. Sometimes you can still make your trip after a weather delay, but the Hurricane may have prompted an official disaster declaration. In that case, it may be best to postpone your trip until the locals have recovered & are ready to host tourists again. There are many different types of travel insurance and the plans may change. Check the fine print and find an option that will help you cover costs in the event of that location’s typical natural disasters.

Cover Injury Expenses When You Travel

Next, the main reason I purchase travel insurance is to support me financially if I get hurt. Healthcare in the United States can be hard to navigate to begin with and might not be covered in another state. If you are planning a trip that involves skiing, mountain biking, or even a trampoline park, you should consider purchasing travel insurance to supplement your plan. Without travel insurance to cover injuries, a trip to the emergency room or even urgent care could cost you hundreds to thousands more than it should. Spent the extra money on travel insurance and support your health, so you can get the preferred immediate care you may need.

Unexpected Health Problems

After the year 2020, how much do I need to go into health? Even before the world pandemic, your health might change quickly while traveling. It could be more than traveler’s diarrhea, depending on your style of travel, there could be a risk for a disease that may put you into the hospital. While visiting India, one of my travel partners was placed in the hospital for a few days from dehydration. Because of proper travel insurance, she was placed in a quality facility at no extra cost to her.

travel insurance might help you recover costs when replacing lost luggage

As I have shown, travel insurance can cover a wide variety of situations. Whether you need to replace lost luggage or change your trip entirely, insurance might be able to help. There are many different plans and companies around that support leisure, business, and long-term travelers. Shop around to find one that works for you. And if you want an option that gives you more freedom without waiting for a government mandate, check out MedJet. Plans that cover cancellation for any reason because of the covid-19 pandemic are also available, so make sure you ask the insurance rep.

In a worst-case scenario, insurance might cover your flight out of the country and to a facility of your choice, or transport of remains. Help your family out if things go south. This does not mean that traveling is risky and it is safer to stay home. No! This list is only to share ways you can prepare yourself for less-than-ideal situations while traveling.

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