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Useful Travel Gifts

Shopping for useful travel gifts online does not have to be difficult. Instead of purchasing a gift card to their airline of choice, which would be appreciated, consider a gift that your travel lover would use on their travels. Whether you travel abroad, to the down next door, across the country, or sustainably, there is an item here for you. Here is a list of useful travel gifts:

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Foreign Language Travel Book

A phrasebook is one of the most useful travel gifts you could use when traveling internationally. We all took a billion years of foreign language in high school, only to realize that we can’t actually use the language in real life. What you really need is to learn practical expressions.

Pack your phrasebook and watch it come in handy when your tour guide goes to the bathroom. Bonus points if the book has handy pull-out phrases!

Already speak the language? Bring a handy, updated travel guidebook instead.

Portable Charger for Travel

We live in a time where access to our cell phones is crucial. Consider buying a portable charger, which will be one of the most useful travel gifts you will use. Instead of fighting for the available charge port in the airport or train, pack the Champ Pro 20K Portable Charger from Nimble!

This charger is made with RePlay™ Certified Recycled Plastic, Climate Neutral Certified and supports 1% for the Planet.

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Passport Holder

One of the most useful travel gifts can be as simple as a passport holder. On trips that have multiple connections, checkpoints, or long days, a book to carry all your airport needs is crucial.

While traveling, it may be best to keep your cash on hand by using a travel money belt. Put this belt on (under your pants) to ensure the cash you are carrying stays with you.

Another useful item is an RFID-blocking bank cardholder. After one too many trips abroad with fraudulent charges, while sitting in a city on a layover, you realize how these simple sleeves really do come in handy.

Luggage – The Most Underrated Useful Travel Gifts

The type of bags you take on your travels say a lot about you. Frequent travelers are always looking for silver bullet luggage to solve their travel woes. Others have huge hard-sided suitcases, that weigh the amount of your neighborhood alley cat when empty. There is always a new, breakthrough piece of luggage to change your travels. At the end of the day, the Federal Airline Administration regulates what you can carry, so be aware of their rules and regulations.

If your travel lover does not have a carry-on, get them a soft-sided piece that is small enough for international travel. This means that the bag should be about 21″ in size. Many U.S. airlines allow 22″ sized bags, so pay attention to sizes when you buy. You will have to check larger bags when flying internationally. Plus, they may not fit in public transport spots or the back of smaller European vehicles when traveling. Do your travel lover a favor and stick with the 21″ or less sized carry-on.

Duffel bags, like the Bumi Organic Cotton Duffle Bag from Terra Thread, are great for vacations to islands. Why? Because you will probably be on a 6 person airplane and the pilot needs to stuff everyone’s bag in the back. And yes, you must share your real weight or be forced to stand on a scale in front of everyone.

Weekender bags, like Haiku’s Wayfare Duffle Bag, are great because you can use them for a weekend in San Francisco AND use it for gym trips after work. Best part? It has a slip so you can attach it to your rolly Burton Wheelie Flight Deck 38L Travel Bag while running from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 to catch your connecting flight.

Travel backpacks are best for trips where rolly bags are not the best. Instead of hauling your rolly bag up 4 flights of stairs, get a travel backpack. The Mobius Laptop Backpack 35L from tentree will help you on most vacations, and keep the laptop accessible. Packable day bags, like the Burton Sleyton 18L Packable Hip Pack, are great for day use. Leave the big bags at home and tour the city with a smaller bag instead.

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Trusted Travel Program Membership Gifts

One of the most useful travel gifts you can buy is a membership to a trusted traveler program. These programs speed up the entry of pre-approved travelers when traveling internationally. The best membership will depend on your personal travel needs. U.S. citizens will find the best use with TSA PreCheck. One of the potentially faster options for entering the United States from international destinations will be a Global Entry membership. Canadians entering the U.S. will benefit from a Nexus membership, while those who travel into the U.S. from Canada and Mexico will benefit from a Sentri membership. Visit your home country’s government website for more information on eligibility and how to join.

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