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How to Pack: Carry On

Ask many experienced travelers how they travel and many will talk about their carry-on. These are bags that you carry-on with you when flying airlines or other forms of transport. Whether you are planning a trip for the weekend or a month, you can easily travel in the same bag. In this post, you’ll learn the regulations around carry-on bags, how to pack the carry on, and how to adjust your items to make them work for you.

Choose the Right Carry On

You found the perfect bag, but before you purchase it, make sure it is small enough. Take a look at your favorite airline’s website and you will find a section all about carry-on luggage. Sizes will defer depending on the transport you are using, the company and the type of plane. Visit your favorite airline’s website and learn their carry-on size and weight restrictions. Generally speaking, your carry-on luggage, including all bags, wheels and handles, may not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm (KLM), but this will vary. International travel typically restricts you to smaller luggage, so check with the airline, train or bus company.

Packing Your Carry On: The Basics

Once your bag is ready, it is time fill it with everything you need during your vacation. As you begin to travel more, your preferences will evolve and your packing will change. Maybe you packed 4 shoes, including heels just-in-case, multiple outfits, books, and electronics at first. Then, you realized what you used (and didn’t), learned from the first outing and packed even better on the next trip. Here is a basic list to get you started on a 7+ day trip:

Garment bag with 2-3 dresses
First packing cube:
4 shirts, such as two black and two white
2 jeans
All items listed above gives you 6-7 outfits you can rotate through the week.

Second packing cube:
underwear, bras, socks

Toiletry bag (toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, brush, comb, contacts, static spray, laundry soap)
Hair straightener or curler of choice
Makeup bag
Sandals/other paid of shoes
Kindle / Book to read
Electronics (charger, laptop, charging cables)

If that list seems too short, know that this is a basic list to help you learn how to pack a carry on. Adjust it as needed and to your style. If you are traveling in the winter on a ski trip, or packing for a cruise, of course you will have more items!

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