A Simple Gluten-Free Menu for Your Next Awesome Camping Adventure

A Simple Gluten-Free Menu for Your Next Awesome Camping Adventure

Meal Prepping Your Next Camping Trip Just Got Easier

This menu will help you plan for a gluten-free camping trip. Whether you have been eating gluten-free your whole life or you just started working towards a better eating plan, deciding what to eat when away from home can be a challenge.

In fact, I used this menu to plan out all my food and just substituted the yogurt for my favorite dairy-free brand. I also pre-chopped the messiest items at home and packed them in a container so there was less waste and work while camping. My family enjoyed the variety and this food ended up being just the right amount.

Even when you start to add other needs from members of your party (dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free), this menu will keep you on track. Remember, all items can be substituted or modified to fit your family’s food tastes. Always pack things you will actually eat (not what you think you should eat). Now, let’s take a look at this camping menu so you can figure out what the heck you should buy while meal prepping for the full week.

Cooking gluten free food from the menu over a camping stove


Oatmeal packets
Freeze-dried eggs, swiss chard (or other leafy greens to sauté)
Fruit (grapes, raisins, peaches)


1. Salad: Lettuce, carrots, cucumber (all pre-chopped for convenience or pack a knife and cutting board), dressing (olive oil and vinegar)
2. Sandwiches: peanut butter, bananas, raspberry jelly, bread

woman camping gluten free menu


1. Polenta: Top your favorite store ready tube with tomatoes, garlic, basil, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, peppers, garlic, mushrooms. A can of sauce will work too!
2. Burrito Bowl: Rice, black beans, spinach, sweet potato cubes, jalapeno, cilantro, a small can of salsa
3. Salmon in a can/bag, lemon, kale, and quinoa you boil in a bag
Dessert: Freeze-dried mango sticky rice (optional, we were to full for dessert)


Carrot Sticks
Trail Mix

Additional Items

Salt & Pepper
Oil for cooking
Cutting board
Wash Bucket

Campfire for the gluten free camping menu

This sample gluten-free menu can be used to get you started for your next camping trip. I packed these items when I went camping for a week and kept everything in my certified bear-proof cooler. Feel free to create your own menu using gluten-free meals you already enjoy.

Always remember to follow general rules for outdoor food safety and put out campfires properly.

A Simple Gluten-Free Menu for Your Next Awesome Camping Adventure

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