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    Let’s Go Jazz!

    Yesterday, my co-worker took me to the Utah Jazz game! It was so fun to see the Jazz in person and watch Gordon score all the points. I knew the Jazz was an up and coming team this season, but…

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    Women’s rights are human rights

    Here I am, frustrated and scared that my rights as a western woman will change. I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America. When I heard that women across the country were coming together to…

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    Christmas Traditions

    Paper snowflakes hanging in the air

    It’s that time of year: Tourists from all over the world flock to ski areas for their annual Christmas trip. Many of my friends work in the resort industry, so our holidays are packed with more than 40 hour work…

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    My unexpected tomato harvests

    This year my neighbors moved out and left their tomato garden. At first, I thought they would come back for their plants, but they never did. So, instead of letting them go to waste I picked some tomatoes from their…

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    Ferguson Canyon Overlook

    Over the weekend I decided to take my pup on a hike with some water features. It can be hard to find dog friendly hikes sometimes, as a lot of areas have watershed rules that prohibit dogs. Luckily, I found…

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    Five reasons to see an NBA game

    I recently attended a Minnesota Timberwolves game and realized I should attend more professional basketball games while I have the chance. You should too! The games are fun to watch (even if the team isn’t having their best season) and…

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    Staying the course

    soccer goal surrounded by fog

    The past month has been a learning experience. One thing that continues to come to mind is the value of persistence. I see what changes when someone gives up and when someone continues to work towards their goal. Here is…

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    You learn something new everyday

    Over the weekend I discovered a really interesting radio show. The show talked about using proper nutrition to keep your brain healthy. Their guest was William J. Walsh, PhD, and he shared information that completely blew my mind. There are…

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    Orange you glad to see me?

    This is my first pancake day in years where I have not had a pancake. Something is wrong with this picture. As many of you know, the super bowl was over the weekend and Broncos won! Having married into a…

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