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Best Gifts for Skiers Under $50

Find some of the best gifts for skiers under $50 in this list to help complete your holiday gift list. From basics to art, this list covers some of the basics that snow sports lovers will love. Keep reading for a list of the best gifts for skiers under $50:

Best Sustainable Hats for Skiing

While you should wear a helmet while skiing, beanies are the easiest way to stay warm and cozy in the fall and winter. You trade shorts for pants, so why not cover your head as well? Momma said so… Hats are like socks, they go missing and cannot be found when the snow falls. Grab a spare.

Shop for hats that adapt to the changing temperatures. Think wool for cold winters and recycled polyester for the not-so-cold days. United by Blue offers their High Fold Waffle Beanie, which is made from recycled plastic and they are committed to removing 1lb of trash from our oceans and waterways. Prefer cotton? Try this organic cotton patch beanie from Tentree.

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Rub On Ski Wax is a Great Gift for the Skier Who is Always on the Road

One thing all skiers and snowboarders need at some point in the season is some wax. Fresh snow or increased ability will bring the desire to slide faster and smoother down the mountain. Buy your mountain lover a fresh bar of non-toxic ski wax for their adventures outside.

For those who are planning ski travels, or those who live life without any plans, consider purchasing some rub on ski wax from MountainFlow for them. This kind of wax is great for in-a-pinch waxing to get you out the door and on the snow quickly. It will save your next ski vacation from being stuck in the lodge while you wait for the long line of last min ski wax to get through the local ski shop.

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Gift Fresh Socks for the Season Under $50

Socks are the classic present for the holidays. This no-brainer is one of the easiest ways to give a useful gift. If it is not the washer, storage is another reason ski socks may disappear between seasons. Grab a fresh pair or two for the holiday.

The expedition socks from Burton or Smartwool are a great start for warm ski socks. Wool is going to be a safe bet for those of you with eternally cold feet. It is okay if it gets wet and will last (unless the bugs get them in storage of course).

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Natural Sport Sunscreen (Clear!) Gift for Skiers

While on the slopes, protect your skin from the sun and avoid skin cancer by regularly using sunscreen while skiing. One layer at the start of your ski day is not enough, you will need to reapply or risk going home with a painful sunburn. This reef-safe sunscreen from Badger is also clear, making it a great option to keep in your pocket.

Gift Ski Art Prints or Posters Under $50

One thing your adventure seeker may not have is a ski print to show their love of the sport. Posters and prints of local ski areas, iconic shots, or epic views are a great way to give a thoughtful gift. Purchase a print of ski scenes from MacarenaOrtega on Etsy to level up your snow lover’s walls.

To splurge a little on this, consider an original from famous trail map artist James Niehues. He also offers prints of his ski area paintings on his website. The best gift to splurge on? His book of over 200 trail maps.

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