You learn something new everyday

Over the weekend I discovered a really interesting radio show. The show talked about using proper nutrition to keep your brain healthy. Their guest was William J. Walsh, PhD, and he shared information that completely blew my mind.

There are 5 different kinds of depression. I always thought depression was low serotonin. He says these types are completely different. Some may be low in serotonin, but others are not and will need a completely different therapy.

Some forms of depression may be a result of nutrients being low. It varies between each type, and I highly recommend you read Dr. Walsh’s book to learn more about this. Most professionals thought that the main issue was serotonin but now they’re learning that “uptake” is the issue and that certain nutrients can impact this.

I always thought that depression was simply someone having problem with serotonin. I also had this opinion that doctors would just try random medications and see if they stuck. Now, with this research, I believe that people will begin to receive proper treatment.

Listen to the show here: February 20, 2016: Nutrition to Heal Your Brain

Nutrition has been in front of my brain this month. I am living in a residence hall during training and eating at a cafeteria. I have started researching nutrition again to try and focus on my health while training 1,000 miles away from home.

Do you have any tips for living in a dorm and staying healthy? Let me know.