Why Is It so Hot?

In my mind, I’m still this strong, athletic teenager who can ski any run and bike all afternoon. In reality, I’m an average adult who sits at a desk 40 hours a week and gets outside sometimes. These two perspectives are not in tune and I didn’t realize it until I went mountain biking.

I know I’m not in amazing shape, so I’ve been slowly working on getting better. I biked 40 miles a week all winter so I could kind of be in shape. I don’t think it did much as my body hates working out. I never understood why it was so hard for people to go to the gym until now. My body hurts all over, I have shin splints, and I’m exhausted. But still, I try.

I heard amazing reviews about a new mountain bike trail network in Kamas and thought I would try it out. So I convinced my husband to go with me, even though we didn’t get going until 1 p.m. That was a big mistake. It was hot, there was no coverage, and my body did not want to be outside.

I kept climbing up the mountain but then I started to feel my blood pumping. I could feel it pumping in my head. My entire body got hot and suddenly I had to stop moving. I couldn’t tell if I was really this out of shape or if it was the heat. I kept going.

Then, my head began to pound and I stopped under the smallest amount of shade I could find. My breathing was shallow and my nose stuffy from all the sagebrush around me. Then, I felt nauseas and almost threw up. Immediately, my husband told us to head back to the car. He was worried I had heatstroke. We headed back to the trail head.

My ego is bruised and I am still embarrassed that I couldn’t make it up the trail. I still don’t know how much was the heat and how much is my body being out of shape. In any case, I’m not going to bike in the middle of the day until Fall. Lesson learned!