Walking by the Three Wise Gnomes

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

As I walk around the block with my dog, I look at all the houses and wonder who lives inside. Each house has it’s own personality as my neighborhood is not comprised of cookie-cutter housing. Although one section of the neighborhood is just that, most the houses have been around for many many years.

One of the houses on my street is from the 1800s. It’s my favorite house to walk past. The house is painted white and has huge windows. It is also one of the few properties that are lucky enough to have a yard. Their yard is probably the size of the building I live in.

Growing in the yard are a few trees that tower over the house. The trees must be around the same age as the house as their trunks are large. Every time a large truck drives by, the tree’s branches get struck but the tree still stands. Sometimes I see branches on the ground after storms move through. There is also grass, ivy, and what looks like a great urban garden in the yard. I saw corn, tomatoes and raspberries growing this past summer.

There’s a paved walkway to the front porch of the white house, where you will be met by gnomes. The gnomes are very cute and about the size of a toddler. They are similar to the Three Wise Monkeys (see no, hear no, speak no evil). I call them the Three Wise Gnomes.

Those Three Wise Gnomes sit in front of the beautiful white house and I begin to wonder who lives inside. Maybe an old couple lives there and they tell folklore. Maybe they’re really weird. Maybe they’re really cool. Maybe they’re college kids. Whoever they are, they like gnomes and seem to be good gardeners.

I leave the thoughts of gnomes and continue my walk. Maybe next time I’ll see who lives inside the gnomes’ white house.

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