The simple things: Espresso

One of my favorite things is enjoying a shot of espresso. It’s a great way to start the day and still have room in your tummy to enjoy breakfast. I only drank drip coffee until I was introduced to the world of espresso in college. This experience taught me the ins and outs of espresso drinks and made me truly enjoy the beverage.


A well made espresso is a great way to start the day. Tiny cups and spoons are all you need, and while you don’t actually need a tiny spoon or cup, it is quite nice to enjoy the small drink with small accessories. It helps with the ambiance. The lovely coffee aroma fills the air and I smile. I fill my tiny cup with the brown velvety goodness and sit at the table. As I sip my espresso, a rich taste fills my tastebuds and says, Hello.

Once my tiny cup of espresso is finished, I am ready to start the day. Not that I can’t start my day without the drink. But drinking espresso is a great experience. And I believe that you should take time to enjoy things that make you smile.

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