The land of spicy bell peppers

I have arrived in Minnesota and have begun settling in to my temporary home. I have already realized that hockey runs in the local’s blood. I enjoyed watching the locals play hockey at the park. It looks like there is a lot of skill involved.

I decided to ship the majority of my “snow” clothes since the forecast wasn’t too bad. I was a bit concerned when the temperature was -20 degrees Fahrenheit last week. However, it looks like the high should stay in the 30s. Once my package arrives, I will be ready for the Minnesota cold.

My first order of business was to try custard. A few years ago, a friend informed me of the differences between ice cream and custard. She said she liked Culver’s, so I decided I had to try their custard while here. It was delicious!


Having grown up in New Mexico, it is always great to experience the different dialects across the United States. So far, my favorite term from MN is “ooftah” (I’m not sure on the spelling…). I heard a story about a fellow New Mexican traveling to this area of the country and overhearing someone say, “ooftah, that’s a spicy bell pepper!” I’m looking forward to trying the local cuisine and learning more sayings from this state.

Anyone out there have any “must-try” cuisine for the MN area?