Ski time

Ski season has arrived! People are really excited about this winter because many places are supposed to see above average precipitation. This will really come in handy for those places that are in severe droughts. Bring on the precip.

Before thanksgiving, my friends and I started getting our gear ready by doing the one thing that means ski season is here. Wax party! No that doesn’t mean we all went out and got bikini waxes. That means we all got together and waxed our skis/snowboards for our first outing on snow.

The first waxing party is always full of excitement. People show off their new setups and talk about weather forecasts and new terrain. We all pray for powder days.

Whenever people find out I am from New Mexico, they are always surprised to know that 1) I am a lifelong skier and 2) that New Mexico has ski areas. We have really great skiing when the weather permits. Actually, we have more bluebird days than the sunshine state. There is nothing like basking in the NM sun after making some turns. You also have to reapply that SPF or you will look like a tomato at the end of the day.

I grew up skiing Taos Ski Valley. This mountain is not for beginners. The runs are steep but sweet. This mountain made me fall in love with snow sports. It’s a great ski area and if you love to ski/board, you should visit it before you die. We have snow in the Land of Enchantment, but we don’t tell people. Utah and Colorado can keep their crowds. NM skiing is our little secret.

I’ll be out on the slopes in Utah this year. Do you like winter sports? Or do you hibernate like a bear?