Orange you glad to see me?

This is my first pancake day in years where I have not had a pancake. Something is wrong with this picture.

As many of you know, the super bowl was over the weekend and Broncos won! Having married into a Bronco family, I am happy with the result. It was a fun game to watch and I am happy for our QB.

I have started hot yoga and boy is it rough. I keep switching opinions on whether I like this or not. Day 1, loved it. Day 2, I had to convince myself to finish the class. I did not want to be in that hot, humid room. I’ve decided that hot yoga is basically a sour patch kid (sour, then sweet). It is nice to warm up in a hot yoga room after a cold day in Minnesota, but I am still adjusting to the heat. Mind you, I grew up in the dry air of New Mexico, so humidity and I are just getting to know each other. However, I do enjoy yoga, so I will keep going to class. Maybe I’ll be converted by May.

In other news: On Friday I made my first sale! Hooray! It was great to be able to speak with a huge soccer fan who was excited for the opportunity. I can’t wait to speak with more people like her. Her enthusiasm reminded me why I chose to work in sports. It is so great to make someone’s day and see them smile (or in this case, hear their smile).