Officially in the Christmas spirit

I am so ready and excited for Christmas! I have caught the Christmas spirit this year. Plus, I bought a really good gift for my husband and I can’t wait to see him open his present.

Work has been hectic this past month. People are really stressed out! One guest couldn’t find ornaments in the color he wanted and he was almost in tears when he asked me for help. Another customer actually started crying in the store when she found out we were out of the fake tree she wanted. We sold her the display (which we technically don’t do for another week). I’m not going to share my encounters with jerks, but the encounters did occur.

Finally, another guest gave me a hug when I told her that the item she was going to buy was $30 instead of $40. She was so happy she teared up and gave me a hug! Apparently I saved Christmas.

I have also discovered that parents should buy their child’s toy in the first week or so of January (if not before). I have dealt with numerous parents who yelled at me because the toy they wanted was out of stock. Most of the time the toy had been sold out for weeks. Don’t get mad at a sales associate for your poor planning. I think I will ask my future children to write letters to Santa after thanksgiving. This way, Santa will get their letter in time, before the toy is sold out. The Friday after Thanksgiving is also when we traditionally put up our Christmas tree and decor.

So, lesson learned this year: plan for gifts early, practice yoga to stay calm when guests yell at you, and be prepared for random hugs as you save Christmas one customer at a time.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.