My writing space

My writing space is more like a temporary location that disappears as soon as it appears. I write using a laptop at home, while sitting at the table. Usually this involves a cup of coffee or tea. If I can get a spot in the sun, that’s better. I like to write in the early morning before the world wakes up. I usually start my computer as my coffee maker begins brewing that morning’s cup of joe. By the time I smell coffee, I know the pot of coffee is ready. And no, I don’t drink an entire pot of coffee. I live with a fellow coffee drinker and the coffee maker brews four cups. Once I fill my coffee cup up, I make my way back to my computer and begin to write.

That’s ideal. However, we don’t life in a perfect world and not every day goes as planned. Like today for example: I committed to other things in the early morning and could not get my writing done before lunch. That’s why it is now dinner time as a put these words together. Once I’m done, the laptop will be packed up and put away. Like it was never even there.

I am big on finding the source when it comes to writing. If I am going to link an article that I enjoy, I will look for the original post before sharing a link to another website. That will happen a lot with journalism, and I like to give the journalist credit with his/her current company. Especially when the journalist works for a small town newspaper. Give that small company some credit.

As for my journaling, I just write nonsense that comes to mind as it pleases. I believe this is called, Creative Writing. I like the idea of warming up my thoughts without having to worry about specifics. I’m not the next Fitzgerald so I’m not going to worry about my writing. This is for fun. I repeat, this is for FUN.


As always, you can send suggestions on what I should write. Leave a comment below or send me a message using my contact page.