My visit to a little known theater

Today we all got the news that Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning. Winter haters rejoice and ski bums are well, bummed. I don’t have much of an opinion this year. I am waiting patiently to begin mountain biking again.

Over the weekend, I saw a showing at Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. I saw, The Trump Who Stole Christmas. I was so excited! I first discovered BNW while reading Amy Pohler’s book, Yes Please. I remember thinking about how cool it would be to see this theater in person. Simply because of how much this place helped Amy grow. I decided I would want to visit this place in the next five years. Little did I realize, it would be the next 5 months!


The show was so funny and I was amazed at the group’s improv ability. I stood in the theater completely amazed that I was here. There have been so many talented people to come through the doors. I am so grateful to have been able to see this place.

I have always looked up to women who pushed barriers. Strong women I look up to as role models (even when they say crazy jokes!). I was probably annoying my fellow attendees with my awe but it was so great to be there. It made me think about those quotes that say, “what you think, you become.” I never would have guessed that while reading Amy’s book, I would be setting the groundwork to be where I am now. That’s kind of crazy to say or think about. But I still am in awe that I could fulfill my goal of attending a show at BNW. And not only that, but I’m going through their improv training! How cool is that?! It’s so fun!