My unexpected tomato harvests

This year my neighbors moved out and left their tomato garden. At first, I thought they would come back for their plants, but they never did. So, instead of letting them go to waste I picked some tomatoes from their garden. No one lives next to me anyone. It’s okay people, it’s been weeks.

I grew up with my mother planting vegetables in her garden, so this is something I haven’t experienced since I moved out. I remember one year my mom’s kale was spread all over her garden (it’s a long story that involves a driver running into our backyard with their car). Thankfully we both enjoy eating kale so it wasn’t a problem, but it was funny to see kale popping up in random places. Kale is great but tomatoes are something else entirely. I have not experienced an abundance of tomatoes before.  After a few meals, I wasn’t sure that to do anymore. I was so overwhelmed with all the tomatoes on my counter. So, I started searching online.


Guess whose recipe came to the rescue? Alton Brown. He is one of my favorite personalities from the Food Network. I used to watch Good Eats every evening I could. I’m pretty sure that show is why I passed cooking with an A in high school.

High school aside, I’m an adult now. And adults can drink alcohol (responsibly). Alton Brown has a recipe for a homemade Bloody Mary that includes tomato vodka. It sounds weird, I know. But trust Mr. Brown. I do. Need I remind you of the class I passed and impressed the teacher with my mad skills?

So, I went to the store, bought a $20 variety of vodka and got to work. I used yellow tomatoes as I ate all the red ones with pasta and didn’t have any more room in my freezer.


Once the tomato vodka was ready, I followed Alton Brown’s recipe for a Bloody Mary. It was so delicious! I had to stop myself from drinking the entire thing at once. Even with the odd yellow color, this is the best bloody I have ever tried (Not that I’ve had very many in my life). If you have an abundance of tomatoes, try this recipe. Your brunch will kill it this year.

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