My time-lapse attempt

I was messing around with a GoPro and tried the time-lapse feature. Both of these videos are really short. Like I said, I am just testing the waters here. I used a tripod in the beach video and for the other I just sat a GoPro on the dash of my vehicle. Next time I will adjust the seconds to coincide with the length of video I plan on making.

While filming at the lake, this random lady started telling her friends that I was creepy because I was filming with the GoPro. I was just sitting next to the camera, watching the time go by. The lady was really upset so I turned the camera off and left the beach. She never said anything to me. The lady was talking very loudly to her friends. How do you handle people who aren’t comfortable with a camera? Do you just move like I did or walk up to them and say hi?

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