My Jalapeño Invasion

This year, I planted two jalapeño plants in my garden. I’ve had success plants two of everything (in the event that one plant dies…like my cucumber did). However, I felt really overwhelmed when I realized my jalapeño plants were flourishing. I had three baskets full of jalapeños, with even more left on the plant! So I searched the interwebs for a solution to my jalapeño invasion.

Step 1 – Make candy

After searching Pinterest for ideas, I came across a post for Cowboy Candy. It sounded like a great idea, so I boiled sugar and jalapeños into candy. I don’t know what happened, but the jalapeños I grew are really hot! They burned my fingers, and no one in my house can safely eat the candy. It’s way too hot.

Step 2 – Make bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers

It’s BBQ season, so when I got an invite to a friend’s party, I thought the best way to get rid of my baskets of jalapeños was to make poppers. I like to stuff each jalapeño with cream cheese and a shredded cheese blend from the grocery store. Then I wrap the jalapeño in bacon and bake in a 350-degree oven until the bacon is crispy.

I took the poppers and a basket of freshly picked jalapeños for people to take home.
Let’s just say that several people cried after eating the jalapeños. No one took any jalapeños home.

Step 3 – Pickle them!

I needed to get something figured out with these jalapeños before they went bad. So I took a cue from my cooking class in high school and decided to pickle the rest of my jalapeños. This was the best decision so far. I pickled jalapeños with carrots and onions in an attempt to create my own version of La Costena’s pickled jalapeños.

It was so good. We went through 6 jars almost immediately as the pickled version of these heat demons is quite tolerable. Highly recommend.


So, go ahead, plant two jalapeño plants next year. Just make sure that you like hot food. I almost decided I planted too many jalapeños plants this year. But that’s okay, I’ll be enjoying my pickled jalapeños this winter (if they last that long).


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