My first batch of holiday cookies

This time of year calls for a cookie making party! My friend and I used to make sugar cookies every December. We would cut out shapes of trees, snowmen, stars, and the classic circle. Then we would decorate the cookies with her son and he would make cookies for Santa.

Our cookie making plan would take a couple days, as we would start when she would get out of work in the evening. We would make the dough and bake probably around 4 batches or so. I remember we would always be so tired by the end of the day. We would have to make coffee or eat the cookies to have more energy. One year it felt like we made hundreds of cookies.

On the second day of our cookie party, we would make icing. We would make red, green, yellow, and sometimes blue. We always had white icing for snowmen. I would try my best to make cookies that looked as clean as possible. But by the end of the night, I would be so tired, I wouldn’t put so much thought into the design. I would just slab some green on a tree and add some yellow garland and red ornaments. Those cookies would look just as great as the cookies I took more time to create. There’s not much difference in cookie design when you’re limited to a few colors and the same type of icing.

This year I wanted to have some sugar cookies to commemorate the season. I don’t live in a place with a beautiful kitchen, so my cooking abilities are limited. I opted for a sugar cookie mix from my local Target by a company called Cherrybrook Kitchen. I really like these products because their mixes are peanut free, diary free, nut free, and egg free. Which really comes in handy when your friends and family have food allergies.

When I made the sugar cookies, I followed the company’s instructions. After the cookies were baked, I began work on the icing. Now I’m not sure how many cookies I got out of the batch, as my husband started eating the cookies before they were even cooled. He was kicked out of the kitchen.

Instead of making classic sugar cookie icing, I made some fluffy icing. The white icing I made kind of tastes like marshmallows. I used two egg whites, some vanilla, and a 3/4 cup of powdered sugar.

In my bowl, I beat the egg whites with a fork (I couldn’t find my hand mixer’s attachments) and slowly added the sugar and vanilla. I did this until the egg whites were at soft peaks. If you don’t know what this means, soft peaks are when you lift your fork (or mixer) out of the egg mixture. If the eggs make a peak but the tip falls over, that is soft peaks. If you continued mixing the eggs, the peaks would not fall over. If you continued mixing them even more, the eggs would revert to a strange mixture that no one would eat willingly. Don’t do that. Keeping an eye out on your eggs whites is crucial. I find this especially true when using a mixer.

Once my icing was ready, I grabbed a sugar cookie and placed it top down into the bowl of icing. I did this instead of using a knife so that there would be more icing on the cookie. If you have already tasted the icing at this point, you will notice that it tastes like air and isn’t very sweet. When you take the cookie out, make sure to keep the bottom of each cookie icing free. Otherwise it will stick to the surface you put the cookie on. Once the cookies were iced, I sprinkled granulated sugar on top. I thought this gave each cookie look of freshly fallen snow.


Once I was finished with my snow covered sugar cookies, my husband was allowed back in the kitchen to try some. He loves marshmallows so he really enjoyed the icing. Once the icing dried, I put all the cookies in an airtight container. I’ll try to make these cookies last the week, but I’m not making any promises. Do you have a favorite holiday cookie?