Let’s Go Jazz!

Yesterday, my co-worker took me to the Utah Jazz game! It was so fun to see the Jazz in person and watch Gordon score all the points. I knew the Jazz was an up and coming team this season, but it was fun to watch them come back in style.

Utah Jazz Game

We started the evening by checking out a new bar in town, Lake Effect. I like the decor and their drink menu. The place was packed but the bartender understood that we were on our way to the game and took care of us. Nowadays it looks like everyone is making drinks in a way I would assume my grandmother did. So Fancy. But I have been to a lot of hipster bars lately…

Lake Effect

Then we walked to the stadium and cheered on the Jazz. Our seats were awesome, we were right in the center. Thank you to whoever sold my company those seats. I had a wonderful time catching up with my co-worker and letting her know that we had to cheer for Gordon.

Utah Jazz Game

The half time show had some kids showing off their basketball skills. They killed it. If you have never attended a basketball game in person, I highly recommend it!

Utah Jazz Game