Let’s get acquainted

Who am I and why am I here? Why do I write? I am so tempted to write philosophically while answering this question. If only all my philosophy books weren’t in storage… Then I would be filling this post with philosophical answers. But I’ll save my sarcasm for later.

In this blog, I plan to share snippets of life with friends, family, and fellow bloggers. I also like writing, whether people are reading or not. I’ve always thought it was fun to share my opinions on paper. Sometimes I get really creative and other days I am simple and to the point. Hopefully, this class will help my creative side to become more prevalent.

If you plan to ever read this blog, it will be filled with pictures of food, outdoor adventures, and probably some boring everyday life stuff. At this point in my life, I have moved from the most awesome state ever (my opinion) to a state that is the exact opposite in many many ways. NM –> UT Everything here is different. The politics, people, taxes, driver mentality, laws, religion, weather…
So yeah, I’m adjusting. But I’m sharing experiences with you on this blog so that you hopefully get the itch to do something fun.

As for who I would like to connect with, I would like to connect with other like-minded bloggers who may or may not blog about similar things.