Laurel Who Floated in The Great Salt Lake

I am happy to report today that I checked an item off my bucket list:
Float in The Great Salt Lake.

When I was about 6 years old, my mom purchased a book for me to read while we were on a long road trip to visit family. Sometimes these books had “magic markers” that would write in the color purple on the page, but not on car upholstery. One of these books explained how salty The Great Salt Lake was and inspired my desire to float in the lake.

I decided to drive to Antelope Island because I read that they had a really great beach at one of their locations, Bridger Bay. This was also where I encountered a bison on my last excursion with my dog (at Buffalo Point). I was familiar with the location and knew what to expect. This time I left the dog at home as dogs are not allowed on the beach.


If you ask anyone about the lake, more than likely they will tell you about the bad odor at the lake. They aren’t lying, it’s pretty gross. There are also brine flies at the lake, which you will dislike if you cannot stand bugs. You have to walk through “fly fog” in order to walk into the lake. The flies didn’t bite, but walking through their cloud was not very pleasant.

Once I got into the water, it was clear and cool. You can see brine swimming in the water. Once you get into the water, you really do float! If you are familiar with swimming, you will understand that you have to flatten your body to float. When I was in the Great Salt Lake, my body was in a V shape and I was still floating!


I also swam around a bit (making sure not to dunk my face in the salty water) and felt like a buoy bouncing along the water. As a swimmer, it was a crazy sensation to swim and not have my upper shoulders submerged.

If you have ever wanted to float in The Great Salt Lake, leave your bug aversion at home. This is not for squeamish people.