How to get there

City life is fast paced and never stops. If you need a break, I can tell you where to get away from it all. I’ll tell you where you can have a break without being in the middle of no where and enjoy some of the best local food around.

Drive north until you enter a valley that’s pink and brown, with hints of green and a gorgeous blue sky. You will feel a sense of calm as you enter the valley. The business of the city disappears and standing before you is a sense of relaxation. There is nothing to do today that can’t be done tomorrow. So enjoy the sunset.

You’ll start to enter the small town and see clues of a big city, but it never forms. There’s local fast food and hardware stores, plus amazing restaurants and remnants of businesses. Get some donuts if your interested. But that’s not where these directions lead.

As you follow the main road you may come across low riders and their drivers. They drive slow, with no where to go, as they are just enjoying their car and living life. Don’t worry about their tattoos or scary look. Just keep enjoying your life too.

Depending on the time of year, you might start to smell a spiciness in the air. That is the lifeblood of this culture. It’s the smell of food that goes on everything. Enchiladas, eggs, and even hamburgers get this addition of green flesh. We’re almost there.

Once you see the golden arches, it’s time to make a turn. You’ll know whether to go right or left. Then you’ll come upon a little white shack, with small windows and a porch. Walk up to the window and ask for tacos (shredded beef is my favorite and kalsa-the vegetarian nod to the Sikh community- is good too). People speak spanglish here, but don’t worry about ordering in English. I’d also suggest ordering some tamales to enjoy tomorrow. They’re the best in the land. I’m drooling just thinking about those pork and red chile stuffed masa pockets of joy.

If weather permits it, you can sit on the picnic tables while you wait for your order. If the weather isn’t friendly, just sit in your car. The dialect here is a combination of Spanish and English, so you might not understand the numbers as they’re called. But don’t worry, your food is being prepped and will be worth the wait.

You’ll receive a white paper bag with presents wrapped in white. Now it’s time to enjoy some of the best things in life. Some delicious local food to celebrate the weekend. You can check those emails tomorrow, there is nothing more to do today. Look at the sky, enjoy the stars, and breathe in the clean air.