How My Miserable Cold Turned Into Something Great

Well winter, you got me. I have a cold and it is not easy. I am away from the comforts of home during this training and wish I could have some homemade chicken soup. Make that homemade green chile chicken soup.

I was finally able to make it to Walgreens for some cold medicine, tea, and tissues. Thankfully, one of my coworkers was nice enough to drive me to the store. What a difference some simple items can make! I’m not over the cold but boy do I feel better.

And now, the benefits of being sick: Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook because you’re too sick to read a book. Result? Discovering that an amazing women’s mountain bike clinic is going to be in my area this year! I am beyond thrilled for this VidaMTB clinic. I immediately signed up and texted my MTB friends to do the same.

I first attended this clinic (back then it was a Betti Clinic) when I wanted to learn more about downhill mountain biking. I was nervous as I didn’t know anyone and signed up by myself. I met some really great women during this clinic and became a better rider. By the first run you would’ve never guessed I walked in without knowing anyone. I made some great friends who are great riders. I highly recommend these clinic to any women who want to mountain bike or improve their skills. It is so great to be in an environment with other great ladies who constantly support each other. We learned how to have positive self talk, cheer on members of our group, and just have a great time.

Positive self talk is something you can use in all aspects of life. In mountain biking, you learn to tell yourself, “I can do this,” when approaching a section of trail that makes you nervous. This tactic helps me every time I’m on the trail. I’ve even found myself saying positive things to myself out loud! Then I realize, I should say this to my friend. So I tell her, “you did a great job!”, after a technical section and we are all in a better mood. Especially if the trail was scary!

If everyone could start to use this tactic in other aspects of life, it would be so beneficial. For me, if I get nervous before speaking to a client, I remind myself, “you’ve done this hundreds of times before.” It reminds me that I can do this and there is nothing to worry about. I highly recommend you try this tactic in your everyday life.

If it wasn’t for this stinking cold, I wouldn’t have been mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed. I would’ve missed the opportunity to experience this great clinic once again. It’s funny how things work out. Especially when it’s in your favor.