How I’m changing this year’s Valentine’s Day Dinner

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, I always start to think about quick ideas to celebrate the day. I usually celebrate with a dessert and glass of wine. I’m not one to celebrate at restaurants or vacations as I’m usually busy working. While working as a ski instructor, I always joked that we should have chairlift speed dating. Some ski areas actually started doing this! If you have done this, please tell me how it went! Now that I’ve found my person, I usually celebrate with a special dinner at home.

Beyond Meat Burger
The Beyond Meat Burger cooking

This valentine’s day I decided that instead of making chocolate covered strawberries or cake, I was going to make a burger. This year I decided to try out not just any burger, but a veggie burger that bleeds. I saw some anchors trying a veggie burger that bleeds on the Today Show and had to test it out. I’m also very open to trying new foods, so why not? I understand that many people eat vegetarian for health or personal reasons, but I wanted to try this because I enjoy trying new things. So, I went to my local grocery store and purchased the Beyond Meat Burger. This burger is plant-based and has 20g of protein per serving. I had to try it out.

Gluten-free bread, tomatoes and green chile
Getting the burger fixing ready

The burger patty was frozen, so I broke the first one while trying to separate it from the other patty. The patty was a dark brown and really did sizzle as it cooked. Being from New Mexico, I decided to make a Green Chile Cheeseburger by adding green chile and cheese on top. I used vegan cheese but you could easily go with white cheddar. After the cheese melted a bit we put them on toasted ciabatta rolls (the grocery store was out of burger buns that day) with some kale and tomato. Because the rolls were small, I cut the patty in half to make two burgers (but ate both).

Gluten-free green chile cheeseburger
Gluten-free green chile cheeseburger that’s plant-based

The Beyond Meat burger did trick my brain into thinking I was chewing meat for a second. As soon as that sensation hit, I realized that this was a plant-based meal. After trying this burger, I would give it a thumbs up as it tastes great and left me filling full. This will be on the menu for V-Day this year. I say try this burger for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. What are you going to make for Valentine’s Day? Are you going to try a plant-based meal?

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