Holiday traditions

Living away from my hometown has made me appreciate and miss our traditions. Specifically, I miss the food! I believe it is safe to say that New Mexicans eat posole during the holidays. What is posole you ask? Let me explain.

Posole can be described as a soup, with the ingredients varying depending on the person (or family) you are speaking with. However, it will have hominy. Hominy is a food that’s made of maize kernels. IF your local store has a Hispanic population, you might find hominy in a section with other Hispanic foods. It will probably be in a can. If you have a larger Hispanic population, there will be other options (frozen, for instance).

I learned to make posole with hominy, pork, red chile, blue corn, garlic, salt and oregano. I will throw everything except the chile and blue corn in a slow cooker for the day, and add the remaining ingredients when I get home. I managed to find hominy at my local store and was able to participate in one of the things that reminds me of the season.

This soup makes being away from family a little easier during the holidays. It reminds me of good times and brings comfort during cold winter nights.