Here’s to another classic Thanksgiving Day post

It’s time for Thanksgiving here in the United States. For many people that means good food, family and football. Not in my case, as I live far away from family and will be working. However, I managed to bake myself a pumpkin pie and will be enjoying that before I head out to work. It’s not Thanksgiving if there is no pumpkin pie. I am a little sad that I am not with my family celebrating, but work calls and bills need to be paid.

Normally I would call this Turkey Day, but this year Thanksgiving is about much more than food. This is probably only because I am not having a Thanksgiving feast (for the second year in a row). My Thanksgiving feast is pumpkin pie and a sandwich. I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just reminding people that not everyone has a “typical” holiday. Mine involves work and that’s how it goes in this industry.

As the holiday asks, it’s time to look at your life and remember what you are thankful for. Here is my list, although it could be much larger.

Things I’m thankful for:

Living in a location that has consistent heat, electricity and phone service. Also, living somewhere above zero degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the best internships I’ve had. My summer was 10x better because of the opportunity I was given. I had so much fun and would love to keep working in that field. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Consistently having food on the table or in the cabinet. I say in the cabinet because rice doesn’t cook itself!

My working vehicle that gets me to work, where I receive a paycheck to pay my bills. I am so thankful that my vehicle works!

A job that I actually enjoy going to. I’ve had the worst job of my life (hopefully?) and now know what I look for in a gig. It’s nice to feel like you have value, that your coworkers respect you and your boss isn’t a control freak.

My landlord, who is the only person who doesn’t ask for an insane amount of money every month. He lives in reality.

My doctor, who has gotten me to point where I can carry things again! Lesson learned: Don’t fall off your bike.

My friends, who support my crazy decisions to move miles away and still hang out with me when I visit. I also love the snaps/texts/tweets/etc.

My dog, who always makes me smile. Even if she happened to eat my dinner off the table. My dog is still cute, fuzzy and brightens my day.

My family, who loves me even though we hardly see each other.

My husband. I’m still not sure how I lucked out with a cute one.

My mom. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. No but really. Thanks for everything you do, mom.

My life. It’s nice to be alive, breathe and enjoy another day.

What are you thankful for this year?