Getting back into the swing of things

I am really excited today because I practiced yoga without any neck pain. Hooray! Last year my resolution was to practice yoga everyday. I actually stuck to that resolution until my injury.

Now that I am back on the mat, I am happy but so not where I used to be. And that’s okay. I’m back to a beginner level and have lost my flexibility in certain poses. But I just have to keep practicing and I will eventually get back to my former level.

But boy is my body sore. My legs and my shoulder joints (my joints in general) are sore, all from just simple sun salutations. Yoga is hard.

Last year I remember coming to the conclusion that in order to practice yoga and not be stupid sore all the time, you have to practice at least three times a week. Otherwise yoga was just hard and not relaxing or enjoyable.

So now I’m working on getting back into my regular yoga practice. I don’t think that’s my official resolution. I think my official resolution is to get my cardio back in check so I can climb better when mountain biking. You now, the important stuff. Is the Sedona MTB festival here yet?