Garden Update 07/13

I’m so excited, some of my plants are still alive! This is the first time I’ve attempted a garden on my own. I grew up with a garden, my mother enjoyed planting vegetables in our backyard. I have the basic idea down, but now I am trying this on my own. It’s awesome. And hard.

About half of my plants have survived. My tomato plants are doing well. The jalapeno plants are also starting to produce fruit (vegetables?). The local wild bunnies ate all my lettuce, those jerks! I still can’t believe I live in the middle of the city and have a wild bunny problem. Go figure.

In addition to the bunny problem, I also have a husky problem! My dog keeps jumping over the fence, into my garden. It’s a game to her. She loves jumping back and forth over the fence. It’s annoying but kind of funny.


Hopefully my remaining plants survive this heat wave. If so, I plan on making jalapeno ketchup and eating a lot of tomatoes. Here’s to hoping!