Friend Time!

This past week one of my best friends came to visit! It was so refreshing to have her around. She has never been to Utah, so I took her to all the tourist locations. She grew up loving the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Album, so we naturally had to see them perform in person.

I also took her to see Real Salt Lake play. This was her first professional soccer game. I loved every second of it while she was just happy to be visiting. She’s not much of a soccer fan but I think I may have converted her…maybe. Okay I didn’t, but it’s fun to pretend, right?

We also had to drive down south to see the arches. She had her pup, so we didn’t go into the park but instead stopped at one of the attractions near the hole in the rock. It was fun to see the rocks again as we headed back into the desert.


After moving to a new city and trying to start everything from scratch, it’s been so nice to have my friend around. I really missed our Starbucks meet ups. We used to always meet for drinks at Starbucks (the hot apple cider is so sugary delicious) whenever we needed some girl time. Sometimes we still call each other while getting coffee, even if we are in separate locations. You can always chat or text, but it doesn’t beat face-to-face interaction. I miss her.