I sit in the car and wonder why it took me this long to take a vacation. I don’t consider this to be a vacation, as it’s only a couple days, but it’s still nice to get away from my day to day life. I forgot how much I love the mountains. 

Having grown up next to a national forest, so in the boonies, I forget that nature is not normal to people. People who grow up and live in the so called “concrete jungle” might not know what fresh air smells like, or the feeling of a wind change when a storm is arriving. I myself forgot.

Trail Jackson Lake

I can feel my body yearning for the mountains. Yearning for quiet. Yearning for fresh cool air. Yearning for calm.

It’s been so long since I could feel my body truly relax. I’m back in the mountains, surrounded by trees and fresh air. It’s not home, but it’s damn near close.

Jackson Lake

I breathe in the fresh air, letting it fill up my lungs to capacity. I don’t cough, and it’s unusual. Then, I remember what it’s like to breathe.
I remember what birds sounds like.
I remember what wind sounds like as it flows through the trees.
I remember what it’s like to be free.