Five reasons to see an NBA game

I recently attended a Minnesota Timberwolves game and realized I should attend more professional basketball games while I have the chance. You should too! The games are fun to watch (even if the team isn’t having their best season) and you can meet new people and have a fun night out. Even if you go to a game only once a year, here are five reasons why you should attend a basketball game.

1. You get out of the house and off the couch

Yes, I understand that you really, really want to binge watch Game of Thrones. Take a night for yourself (and friends!) to change it up and have a fun night together. Every episode you want to watch will be there tomorrow. Enjoy face-to-face company with your community and create memories, “Remember that time we thought we actually won a Mercedes at the Timberwolves game?”

2. You will see professionals play, in person

With all the technology we have these days, it’s very easy to stay up to date on your favorite sport. You can watch games on your phone at work (which I do not recommend, even if it is March Madness), or catch up on your favorite team halfway across the world. But nothing compares to watching the sport live and in person. People always respect someone more who actually attends games than someone who brags about a team they’ve never seen in person. Spend the money and brag about it to your co-workers later.

3. You are entertained during halftime

We all know that some tv commercials are hilarious and others make us want to cry. You won’t have to get your emotions worked up when you attend a basketball game. The team usually has a really fun show set up, so check it out before you refill your beverages. When I attended a Timberwolves game, a group of kids had an awesome halftime show and did tricks that you would probably never successfully attempt.

4. You can win a free t-shirt

Basketball games always have free t-shirts to win. You think everyone decided to wear yellow at the Cav’s game? No, the team wanted everyone to wear their team’s colors, so they gave you a shirt for the game. Even if you aren’t a t-shirt fan, you can always add it to your “day off” or “workout” clothes collection.

5. You make memories

When you think of your favorite memories, what comes to mind? I highly doubt it involves sitting on a couch all day, binge watching a tv show. Your best memories are happy and probably involve someone you care about. Some of my fondest memories are watching basketball with my dad. So take your family out to a game and make some new memories to smile about. It’s worth the investment.

Have you ever been to a professional basketball game? How was your experience?