Ferguson Canyon Overlook

Over the weekend I decided to take my pup on a hike with some water features. It can be hard to find dog friendly hikes sometimes, as a lot of areas have watershed rules that prohibit dogs. Luckily, I found a hike that allows dogs on leash: Ferguson Canyon Overlook.

Ferguson Canyon Overlook Trail

Located between the big and little cottonwood canyons, this hike was a nice choice for our group. My dog loved the shade and the water. It took our group some time to hike up to the top as we are not seasoned hikers. But we met some rock climbers on the way, who were clearly enjoying their Sunday climb.

Ferguson Canyon Overlook Water

One section was really steep and sandy. I was wearing sandals, so my shoes were full of rocks. I eventually made it to the top, had a snack, and enjoyed the cool air.

If your dog is athletic, this is a great trail to take him/her on this summer/fall. We didn’t have a lot of snow, so much of the trail was dry (whereas the climbers told us it’s usually covered in water). Enjoy!