Coffee date

If we were having coffee, I would ask your opinion on my wardrobe. I really have no idea how to dress sometimes. Work is easy when you are limited to khakis and workout clothes are easy, but dressing up…not so much. Oh how much easier my mornings would be if I had Cher’s closet (from the movie Clueless, but I’m sure the singer has a great closet too!).

If we were having coffee, we would talk about our future and how we still don’t know where the time went. Winter is here already? But I was just starting to get a tan in the summer sun.

If we were having coffee, you would tell me all about your amazing vacation to the Bahamas and I would ask if you had your “bahamian glow.” You would tell me about how you told everyone it was your 21st birthday…even though we’re much closer to age 30. We plan a beach vacation once my life gets back on track.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you what the heck I should do next. I’m at a turning point in my career and have three paths. I have no idea what to choose. Now remember, I’m a real life Charlie Brown so there is little to no chance of any path working out the way I plan. Remember how living in the middle of no where went? Yeah, wrong decision. We both agree that it’s better I live in the city again. Basically, the path I choose will not go how I envision it, so I have to choose wisely.

If we were having coffee, we would sit in the coffee shop and people watch. Then laugh about the time a family had the most difficult time ordering coffee. They were a mess and all over the place. The best part about it was that it was normal for the family and they had no idea that they were basically a walking tornado. We would talk about how we are glad to not be at the point in our lives yet.

If we were having coffee, we would decide to go on our vacation to the beach in three years. We decided my life would be back on track by then. Only time will tell. I think we’ll be okay if we just talk about it for the next ten years. That’s enough time to save for an epic vacation to the beach.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how I changed my alarm to the song Conga, by Gloria Estefan so I can start my day with a party this month. One morning the song scared me so I shot my arms up into the air while shaking. My husband thought I was dancing! hahaha