Chocolate Abundance

I have an abundance of things in my life. Right now that includes candy. Halloween is always a fun time to dress up and eat too much candy. Right now my balanced breakfast includes a side of mini snickers. Yes, I know that’s not healthy. But that candy bowl isn’t going to empty itself and well…I have to save my dog from eating chocolate.

My dog has consumed chocolate twice in her lifetime so far. Once she was about 6 months old and she ate a pack of chocolate pudding mix I left in a grocery bag. Luckily the pudding wasn’t pure chocolate, so I just had a dog with WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY for a few hours. It’s was ridiculous, my dog ran circles around the house and looked out every single window until she crashed from her sugar high. Which wasn’t that long because she was tiny back then. To give you an idea of her behavior, here is a cute video of someone’s husky playing in leaves:

The second time my dog ate chocolate, she discovered the joys of cupcake icing in a can. I didn’t think my dog would get into a sealed can, but the nose knows! She chewed open the plastic can of Betty Crocker icing and once again ran around the house, jumped on all the furniture, and peeked out all the windows. I am fortunate enough to have a large dog who won’t die from a small amount of milk chocolate. I am also well versed in the signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs. I also don’t typically buy pure chocolate.

Hopefully my abundant bowl of candy will be finished before too much damage is done to my waistline. I’m not interested in an abundance of waistline.

Or I could just act like my dog and run around the house for a few hours. That would help.


  • geekcoupletab

    We have a chocolate abundance at our house too! Hopefully, running around chasing after my dogs will help the waistline.

  • Kathy

    I found a half eaten lollipop on the floor the other day. It was one of the dogs. I once had a dog who ate a chocolate Santa, foil wrapping too. Big dog – he was fine. My next dog, the same mix, ate half a bottle of Advil, and the next day he followed it up with chocolate Tums. I don’t how the dog got to either of these, we put things up high. According to my pharmacist friend, the dog should have been really sick, but he was fine. Lab-Coonhound mixes have cast iron stomachs. Now I have a Lab-Malamute mix – not quite the cast iron stomach, but still the appetite for what she shouldn’t have. Thanks for sharing.

    • Laurel

      lol Dogs just love getting into strange things, don’t they?