A stormy walk on the beach


A cool breeze goes through my hair, bringing my attention to the shore beside me. The sun is starting to set and, off in the distance, a storm is growing larger. I continue walking along the beach, doing my best to keep sand out of my shoes. The sand has many colors in it, black, grey, and even green. For some reason parts of the beach bounce back after I step on them. It reminds me off moss, except that it is sand. I continue my walk, getting close and closer to a rock at the end of the shoreline.


I make it to my goal to get to that rock, and get distracted by a swarm of black bugs flying across the beach. With each step I take, the bugs are disturbed by my presence, which makes them swarm away from my feet as fast as possible. The bugs’ attempts are far from perfect, as they try to get up away from my feet, which just makes them run into my legs and up into my face. I should’ve worn bug spray.


Then, I make it to the rock and start walking on top of it to get a better view of the lake. I see the beauty of this landscape and take a deep breath in—and immediately choke. The air smells stagnant and putrid. The exact opposite of what the lake looks like. I realize that deep breaths are not an option, just like the city, and change my breathing to accommodate the smell. I start wondering how long I can stand here, and decide to leave.

Just as I turn away, a beautiful sail boat begins to leave the harbor. I’m enamored with its sail as it moves further and further away from me. My hair moves through the wind again, and birds take flight all around me as the storm gets closer and closer. The lake draws me in, trying to make me stay longer like a bad boyfriend.


I don’t know how much time passes but suddenly the boat is out of view and light around me dims as clouds cover the sun. I begin to gather my things and head back to my vehicle. The wind gets stronger and the sun disappears completely behind the clouds. The air around me begins to change, and I can start to feel a charge in the air. The hairs on my neck stand and instinct kicks in as I sprint back to my car, away from the lightning.

I successfully make it to my vehicle, jump in, and just then a flash of light appears and lighting shakes the sky. I’m happy to be inside, with rubber between the dirt and my bones. Rain starts to fall and I sit in my seat, happy to be safe. I think about the birds, the sky, and that sail boat, wondering if their crew was in the storm.  My feet are covered in sand. I turn the ignition and start to head back into the city, happy to be headed home.