A Stormy Day at the Lake

The clouds rolled right on cue for a July afternoon in the Moreno Valley. At this point in the season I am struggling with the daily rain. I finally decided to purchase a rain jacket at this point and reminded myself how much I enjoyed the rain.

Clouds give me a sense of calm. Having grown up in the southwest, rain is a welcomed event. As the cloud cover rolls in and the thunder begins, my heart beat slows and I take a deep breathe in. The smell of petrichor has always been one of my favorites and it makes me smile.


I walked around the lake, carefully avoiding thistle and trying to stay away from the tall grass. Then a loud noise makes me realize all the birds at this State Park. It’s amazing how much wildlife you can see if you take the time to look. I do not know much about birds and couldn’t tell you what kind were around unless I looked it up. But they are still a site to see.


Seeing our country in it’s somewhat natural state is so beautiful and calming.  After a hectic time in the corporate world, it’s nice to take a break and breathe in that clean mountain air.