I started BayRosemary to inspire women to travel the world. Here you’ll find travel inspiration by location to help you navigate your next travel adventure.

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    Star Party at a National Park

    telescopes pointed towards a stary night sky

    This summer, I made it a goal of mine to visit Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, USA. I had heard about the cliff dwellers throughout my life and decided it was time to see these buildings in person. It…

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    Yes, the stars are there

    After moving to the city, you start to get used to all the noise and light after a while. The cars and sirens fade into the distance and you start to convince yourself it’s quiet at night. I look up…

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    A stormy walk on the beach

      A cool breeze goes through my hair, bringing my attention to the shore beside me. The sun is starting to set and, off in the distance, a storm is growing larger. I continue walking along the beach, doing my…

  • North America,  Travel

    Ferguson Canyon Overlook

    Over the weekend I decided to take my pup on a hike with some water features. It can be hard to find dog friendly hikes sometimes, as a lot of areas have watershed rules that prohibit dogs. Luckily, I found…

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    Pine and The Pony Express

    The smell of pine is what gets me every time. In that moment, I realize that it’s safe to breathe here in the mountains. I fill my lungs with cool mountain air and as I exhale, there is a smile on…

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    Exploring The International Peace Gardens

    How many times have you met a tourist who asked, “Have you ever been to _______?” To which you replied, “No.” This has happened to me several times, so I am now making a point to explore the places I…

  • Caribbean,  Travel

    Bimini Bucket List

    After surviving breast cancer, my mom decided she needed to cross an item off her bucket list. She was kind enough to invite me. What was it, you ask? Well, ever since she was in her 20s, my mom has…

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    A stormy day at the lake

    The clouds rolled right on cue for a July afternoon in the Moreno Valley. At this point in the season I am struggling with the daily rain. I finally decided to purchase a rain jacket at this point and reminded…