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    Home: Trying out a new scent

    Have you ever walked into a place and instantly knew you didn’t fit in? Or even the opposite? Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you were at home? I’ve experienced both situations at various points in…

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    My Jalapeño Invasion

    A jalapeno plant

    This year, I planted two jalapeño plants in my garden. I’ve had success plants two of everything (in the event that one plant dies…like my cucumber did). However, I felt really overwhelmed when I realized my jalapeño plants were flourishing.…

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    Holiday traditions

    Living away from my hometown has made me appreciate and miss our traditions. Specifically, I miss the food! I believe it is safe to say that New Mexicans eat posole during the holidays. What is posole you ask? Let me…

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    My first batch of holiday cookies

    This time of year calls for a cookie making party! My friend and I used to make sugar cookies every December. We would cut out shapes of trees, snowmen, stars, and the classic circle. Then we would decorate the cookies…