Holiday traditions

Living away from my hometown has made me appreciate and miss our traditions. Specifically, I miss the food! I believe it is safe to say that New Mexicans eat posole during the holidays. What is posole you ask? Let me explain.

Posole can be described as a soup, with the ingredients varying depending on the person (or family) you are speaking with. However, it will have hominy. Hominy is a food that’s made of maize kernels. IF your local store has a Hispanic population, you might find hominy in a section with other Hispanic foods. It will probably be in a can. If you have a larger Hispanic population, there will be other options (frozen, for instance). Continue reading

My first batch of holiday cookies

This time of year calls for a cookie making party! My friend and I used to make sugar cookies every December. We would cut out shapes of trees, snowmen, stars, and the classic circle. Then we would decorate the cookies with her son and he would make cookies for Santa.

Our cookie making plan would take a couple days, as we would start when she would get out of work in the evening. We would make the dough and bake probably around 4 batches or so. I remember we would always be so tired by the end of the day. We would have to make coffee or eat the cookies to have more energy. One year it felt like we made hundreds of cookies. Continue reading

Fighting cold and flu season with green chile chicken soup

Snow is falling in the mountains, which not only means that winter is coming, but that cold and flu season is also on its way. I realized this when the end caps at my grocery store were lined with NyQuil, DayQuil, Robitussin and other drugs. But the moment I really realized this was when I suddenly felt tired and hot. Yup, I had a fever. I blame the sick kid in line at the pharmacy. Continue reading