Laurel Who Floated in The Great Salt Lake

I am happy to report today that I checked an item off my bucket list:
Float in The Great Salt Lake.

When I was about 6 years old, my mom purchased a book for me to read while we were on a long road trip to visit family. Sometimes these books had “magic markers” that would write in the color purple on the page, but not on car upholstery. One of these books explained how salty The Great Salt Lake was and inspired my desire to float in the lake. Continue reading

Exploring The International Peace Gardens

How many times have you met a tourist who asked, “Have you ever been to _______?” To which you replied, “No.” This has happened to me several times, so I am now making a point to explore the places I live.

One summer in college I lived in Angel Fire, NM and someone asked me about the resort’s mountain biking. I had never been mountain biking in Angel Fire and the guest laughed because they traveled several hundred miles to this place and I lived here and never explored the mountain. That being said, I currently really love downhill mountain biking–thanks Angel Fire! Continue reading