Bay Rosemary is a blog dedicated towards inspiring millennial women to get off the couch and travel responsibly. In this community, we challenge contemporary ideas of travel to create better travelers, share experiences for everyone and create a travel space for everyone.

The Bay Rosemary Blog is the travel and lifestyle blog of Laurel Romero. She is using her work to create a world where “ugly tourists” are no longer possible.

Bay Rosemary values include: Adventure, Authenticity, Fun, Knowledge, Responsibility.

Oh Hey There, My Name Is Laurel and I Want You to Travel

Hi, I’m Laurel. I want you to get up off the couch and see the world around you. Whether you visit the town next-door or a country across the world, I will share tips to help you become a better traveler.

I started my career as a professional ski instructor and moved toward corporate life after completing my BA in Intercultural Communication. While working the corporate 9-5 life, I was under immense stress, sustained an injury downhill mountain biking, and was eventually diagnosed with chronic pain. This limitation helped me realize how much I love to be outside and experience different parts of the world. It was then I decided to go somewhere new every year, even if it meant the town next-door. And I want you to know that you can travel too!

“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.”

Through my work, I challenge ideas of travel to create better travelers, share experiences for everyone and support those who want to start traveling.

Having always enjoyed traveling and writing, Laurel created this blog to connect with like-minded people through words. “Creating a life I love and enjoy has been a journey, and I am excited to share information here so you are given the support you need to get up, get outside, and respectfully visit the world around you.”

Standing inside Ice Castles
Things to do in San Francisco Tiki Bar

On these pages, you will find information on travel, food, art & culture. You will also learn ways you can get started traveling in your own neighborhood. Plus, you can do it better.

Remember, you do not have to get on an airplane to travel, you can visit a new destination just by visiting your neck of the woods.

Today, do something different from your day-to-day life and try a new adventure.

Now get off the couch!