Oh Hey There, My Name Is Laurel and I Love to Travel

Hi, I’m Laurel, a woman who left my sunshine and hot air balloon state (New Mexico, USA) in pursuit of more snow. Now, I live in the party state of Utah (joking, obvi) where I can do all the outdoorsy stuff but still be close enough to an airport so I can explore the world.

My story isn’t your typical travel story. No, I didn’t quit my corporate job of death to live in Bali/Europe/insert-destination-here and travel the world.

However, I did quit Ski Instructor life for your typical 9-5er lifestyle so I could have real PTO, enjoy holidays, and travel more. I do miss skiing every day, but I really enjoy living and working in the city. Working full time as a certified Ski Instructor for 5 years helped me cultivate patience, a must for any travel adventure.

I live in the U.S. A. and continue working full time in my day job, but find ways to take time off and explore the world at every chance I get. But don’t get me wrong, sometimes a relaxing weekend by the pool will fit the bill too. And we all deserve a vacation sometimes!

I love to travel, eat all the food,
and go on outdoor adventures.

I know, it can be so cheesy to say, but traveling was something I grew up doing with my family. Basically, my father would take me on road trips or camping in the summer and I would fly internationally to visit my mom’s family. Road trips, airplane flights, and planning for trips feeds my soul and makes me happy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel abroad to several countries in my life and plan to continue traveling well into my old age.

Standing inside Ice Castles
Things to do in San Francisco Tiki Bar

Since I started meeting people on my travels, I’ve decided to share my personal experience and tips for women who want to travel around the world.

I hope that by sharing my travel stories, guides, and other tips, I will inspire you to get off your couch and get out in the wild (or a park, we can always start somewhere).

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