The land of spicy bell peppers

I have arrived in Minnesota and have begun settling in to my temporary home. I have already realized that hockey runs in the local’s blood. I enjoyed watching the locals play hockey at the park. It looks like there is a lot of skill involved.

I decided to ship the majority of my “snow” clothes since the forecast wasn’t too bad. I was a bit concerned when the temperature was -20 degrees Fahrenheit last week. However, it looks like the high should stay in the 30s. Once my package arrives, I will be ready for the Minnesota cold. Continue reading


It looks like I’m moving again. This time it’s only for a few months. The move is work related and for training. I’m going by myself and will really miss my hubby and dog. Luckily we live in the day and age of face time, texts, and Facebook.

I am actually really happy to live in this time period. I saw the movie, The Revenant and started to be so happy for my life. I am so thankful for electricity, warmth, cars, and food. Hopefully I never encounter a grizzly bear because I will not survive that attack. The views in this movie were beautiful and made me appreciate how beautiful our land is in this country. It made me want to plan a hike (in the summer) so I can see these views in person.

So for now I am packing and getting ready to live in below zero temperatures again. I’m also going to go skiing for what may be my last chance this season. It will be nice to escape the inversion.

I’m going to miss the Wasatch.

Movie time!

I saw the new Star Wars movie and have to say, I liked it! Now, this is coming from someone who saw a couple of the prequels a long time ago. The kid I was babysitting wanted to watch the movies and I don’t really remember anything. Mostly I just remember a kid in the desert who is really good at racing and eventually becomes Darth Vader. Anyway, I really liked that in the newest film there was a female hero who could hold her own. I think she will be a good role model for girls. Hopefully she doesn’t become a bad character.  Continue reading

Getting back into the swing of things

I am really excited today because I practiced yoga without any neck pain. Hooray! Last year my resolution was to practice yoga everyday. I actually stuck to that resolution until my injury.

Now that I am back on the mat, I am happy but so not where I used to be. And that’s okay. I’m back to a beginner level and have lost my flexibility in certain poses. But I just have to keep practicing and I will eventually get back to my former level. Continue reading