Pine and The Pony Express

IMG_5747 (1)

The smell of pine is what gets me every time. In that moment, I realize that it’s safe to breathe here in the mountains. I fill my lungs with cool mountain air and as I exhale, there is a smile on my face.

I decided to tackle a mountain bike trail that was once known as The Pony Express. The trail has many other names, but that one is my favorite. The Pony Express was a mail system that could deliver mail from Missouri to California in only 10 days. That was a big deal back in 1860. Riders apparently rode their horses at full gallop along the trail and only ever lost one piece of mail. Here I was attempting the trail with my mountain bike. Will I loose any items on this trip? Continue reading

Laurel Who Floated in The Great Salt Lake

I am happy to report today that I checked an item off my bucket list:
Float in The Great Salt Lake.

When I was about 6 years old, my mom purchased a book for me to read while we were on a long road trip to visit family. Sometimes these books had “magic markers” that would write in the color purple on the page, but not on car upholstery. One of these books explained how salty The Great Salt Lake was and inspired my desire to float in the lake. Continue reading